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LangataBrief Description

NHC has over the years successfully developed various Housing Schemes in the Langata area. 

These include Otiende / Moi Estate, Ngei Phase I and II, Uhuru Gardens Estate, 17 Units at Dam Estates and the recently completed Jonathan Ng'eno Estate.  As a result of NHC opening up this area other developers have ensued making it one of the most popular residential areas in Nairobi. 

The reconstructed Langata Road dual carriage way has also enhanced communicated in this area.  The Proposal to construct the Link road between Langata and Kibera will further enhance the communication from this area to the rest of the city.  Any Housing estate developed within this area will easily attract buyers.

It was with this in mind that NHC purchased 2.08 hectares plot from Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd for the 1 st Phase of this Project.  NHC is likely to acquire the rest of the Land totalling 9.6 hectares for Langata Project estimated to have a total of 554 residential  units of both flats and maisonettes.

The Contractor for the first Phase of the Project has been identified and work is due to start on site.

Design Concept

The choice of developing flats was based on the need to maximise land use.  All the city council planning regulations have been observed and the same discussed with the approving authority.  A three bedroom flat was considered as most appropriate.  Two type plans were developed with the overall block design on split-levels to take advantage of the steep terrain of the Land. Once completed, the same will offer scenic views within and without the scheme.

Both flat types have been designed such that no through traffic is allowed in the Living rooms.  One of the 3 bedrooms is master-ensuite.  Other facilities include a spacious a kitchen with food cupboard/ladder and a drying balcony near the kitchen. The steep site has been planned to allow for parking areas close to the flats.  Each flat has a parking bay with additional ones provided for visitors.  

Key:  |1 Master Bedroom | 2 Bedroom | 3 Bedroom| 4 Living Room |                                           

Salient points.

Superb public transport communication from Nairobi City Center.
Good security - perimeter stone wall.


  • Type B - 3 bed roomed       
  • Type C-  3 bed roomed
  • In-roads paved in concrete blocks (cabro)
  • High standard finishes
  • All floors are in ceramic tiles
  • Built- in ward robes
  • Large kitchen with food cupboard
  • The slope is tastefully landscaped.
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